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Where our rubber meets your tools

 Designed for protection and efficiency when your finished product counts...

Dual action protection, the raised circles and magnets will not only prevent your metal tools from slipping away but also, catch round or non-magnetic tools by getting caught in the grooves. When working on cars, time is everything.  Having your tools closer to you speeds up the process while protecting your clients car from unintentional damage.  MagnaTek Mat has an oil and chemical resistance along with adhesion to non metallic surfaces such as Aluminum panels and glass. Our high quality, military grade silicone is Ozone free and UV resistant Rated at 500 degrees fahrenheit,  it is virtually indestructible.

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What is it?

MagnaTek mats are flexible, non-slip, chemical resistant, silicone rubber Utility mat that will stick to clean smooth surfaces. The low profile sides allow longer tools to not be obstructed when lying flat. Temperature rated at 500° F (260° C).

MagnaTek mats come in 3 of your Favorite colors... Black (original V1), neon green and Ferrari red (V2). 

***Patent Pending***


How it works

Each magnetic Magnatek mat is equipped with (Version 1 36 or Version 2 41) neodymium magnet discs strategically embedded throughout the mat.  Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.  Each individual magnet has a pulling strength of 15 lbs.  This is what allows the holding power between the tools and the mat or the mat and the surface you are working on.  This power is needed to be able to pull thru the silicone rubber material of the mat. Magnets are removable on the back side for custom polarity. Clean up is also a breeze simple soap and water or a mild degreaser will keep the surface clean and free from dust that can prevent a bond with the smooth surface for years to come.