The Conception


MagnaTek Mat is the brainchild of Certified Master Technician Vincent J. D'Alessandro and his wife, Melinda. 

This is how it was born...

One evening while watching TV together my wife saw a mat being used in another industry . She turned to me and said, "That would be something you could use for work...if only it were bigger...and if it had magnets to hold your tools." Immediately - A LIGHT BULB TURNED ON! I instantly knew I had to produce a product that would help my industry technicians as well as myself. For the next few weeks I drew diagrams and started making molds for prototyping. I knew it had to be slip resistant in order to stay on any vehicle at any angle, I knew it had to have magnets to hold the weight of any arsenal a PDR Technician would use and it had to be large enough to have the room for a wide selection of tools at the ready. 

Many different products have been used by technicians to reach the same conclusion the the MagnaTek Mat can offer. Including towels, blankets, hard plastic trays, tool belts and many other ingenious ideas. The problem with these techniques is that they often end up creating more work. They leave behind scratches, small dings or simply make the tools less accessible or out of reach, especially when working at uncomfortable angles.

MagnaTek Mat was engineered to aid technicians in the efficacy of their work load having tools readily available while protecting the working surface. It is a tool for your tools, a yin to your yangs, the bread for your PB & J. Once you use The Mat you'll never want to be without it. You will soon start to see how much time and energy you are saving by such a simple, inexpensive device. Over time, you will have faster turn around for your clients and less stress on your technicians. Isn't that the point? To work smarter and not harder? The learning curve is short lived once you get use to placing your tools on the mat every time.  The possibilities and applications are endless...

Vince D'Alessandro Creator

Engineering done by a Nuclear Sub engineer!

simulated CAD drawing of MagnaTek Mat

simulated CAD drawing of MagnaTek Mat

After Many months of designing, Prototyping, research and developing Vince took a break to be with his family in Gilroy, CA.  At Thanksgiving Dinner he met a family Friend that happened to be a top engineer retiring from working on Nuclear Submarines at Northrop Grumman.  He eagerly jumped at the chance to work on the MagnaTek project noticing its many uses and cleverness.  We will call him "Richard".  Richard Holds several patents throughout his industry designing tools and components that protect our great country.  Richard and Vince worked hand in hand to come up with a design that would benefit the industry for many years to come.  Through tireless days and nights, the two came up with a design carefully placing magnets in molds in order to maximize the product.  A great product with top tier engineering!